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Central America

Caribbean water, excellent snorkeling and scuba diving; rain forests with exotic birds, frogs, monkeys and more; incredibly well-preserved pre-Colombian ruins and towering pyramids; quaint colonial plazas and cathedrals; smoggy, congested capital cities; colorful, bustling markets where vendors in traditional, hand woven clothes hawk everything from pig¹s ears to embroidered t-shirts to pirated DVDs: Mexico and Central America have it all.

Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Panama San Andres

General Information | Central America

Central America is the sliver of land connecting North America to South America. The countries of Central America include Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. All are primarily Spanish descent with the exception of Belize, which was under British rule until 1980. Their culture is a mixture of Spanish heritage with native Indian influences, and a touch of Caribbean flavor.

Located south of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras combine some of the best Maya sights with interesting Indian markets in small villages. Costa Rica is the top destination for eco-tourism and also its surfing is world-famous. Panama is off the beaten track, but crossing the Darien gap or visiting the San blas islands is a unique experience.

Our agents have stayed at many of the resorts in Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El salvador, Honduras, & Panama in Central America and are ready to find the resort that is the right fit for you. We offer the guaranteed best price on resort packages throughout Central America both for last minute travel and advanced departure dates.

Belize | Central America

Belize is a real jewel of a destination that is rapidly gaining popularity with travelers. It has so much to offer and has something for every taste, and the people are known to be very friendly. Topping the list are the Mayan ruins: this country was an ancient Mayan powerhouse in the day.

Other attractions include tropical jungles with exotic plants and animals, fishing, swimming, and diving in the sea with attractive reefs. The country has the second longest barrier reef in the world, as well as three major offshore atolls. Belize City, San Pedro and Placencia are the usual preferred places to stay.

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Costa Rica | Central America

Costa Rica is a true vacation paradise, offering practically everything a visitor would like, with such a diversity of natural resources and a very well developed eco-tourism. There are secluded white sand beaches with great surf and amazing scuba diving. There are active volcanoes and towering rain forests. Getting around is easy via rental car, plane, or public bus, and the warm and friendly people make travel relatively safe and fun.

Most mountain ranges are volcanic, and some are quite accessible to visitors. In the province of Cartago, for example, you will find the Irazu volcano, which erupted in the early sixties. The Poas volcano has one of the largest active craters in the world. And, the Arenal volcano treats thousands of visitors each year to a constant stream of red, hot lava rocks tumbling down its slopes.

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El Salvador | Central America

El Salvador has long remained one of the least-visited countries of Central America. Reasons can include the fact that it is the smallest country of the continent, the only nation without a Caribbean shoreline, or much publicized political upheavals from the past. Today El Salvador is a fantastic destination, appealing to a new class of eco-sensitive tourists, adventure travelers in search of an unbeaten path, or those truly looking for peace and quiet.

Thrill seeking surfers already know that El Salvador has some of the best waves in the world. The countryside lets adventures explore desolate volcanoes craters, lush green mountains, and secluded beaches. Numerous Mayans ruins, such as Joya de Ceren and the Tazumal pyramid, can be visited. The capital, San Salvador, is a cosmopolitan city with delicious seafood restaurants, shopping, and lively entertainment.

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Honduras | Central America

Honduras is an absolutely wonderful country to discover. As a matter of fact, it offers three unique worlds to discover, making a trip here varied in culture, nature and relaxation. The world of Tropical Nature describes the many natural parks and curiosities that one can explore in Honduras. The world of the Maya is best represented by the city of Copan, an archaeological Mayan marvel, where the remains of two Maya queens were unearthed. Finally, the world of Caribbean Honduras has earned the nickname of "Banana Republic", which describes the beautiful coastal villages once ruled by banana companies. Also to explore are the Bay Islands, particularly the well developed Island of Roatan.

The major cities offer a full range of traveler accommodations, ranging from many first-class hotels to a variety of less expensive alternatives. Dozens of fine restaurants offer nearly every type of international cuisine, as well as delicious local dishes.

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Nicaragua | Central America

Nicaragua is a country that is typically not found on the average travelers most wanted list, due to the political turmoil it went through in the past. Nicaragua has found a lot of stability now and for the traveler who is willing to go the extra mile to find the unexpected it is a great destination.

Nicaragua offers rich green tropical mountains, fascinating volcanoes, lakes and rivers, lush rain forests and spectacular beaches. The capital city of Managua guarantees great entertainment in the Zona Rosa, an area with bars and restaurants that has sprung up in what was once a mostly residential area.

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Panama | Central America

Panama is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Latin America. Panama is gaining popularity as a premier destination for ecotourism, retirement and for its cosmopolitan lifestyle. The greatest asset of Panama is its diversity of activities, which make it absolutely worth a visit.

Panama city, the capital, is lively, modern, cosmopolitan, and fast moving. Hip and smart bars and restaurants, great shopping, beautiful Casco Viejo, Old Panama ruins, and the metropolitan park all make Panama City a destination unlike any other. The Panama Canal, one of the Eight Wonders of the World, is one of the most fascinating sites to see in ones life time. With the beaches and coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea, and the more playful waters of the Pacific Ocean, sun seekers are sure to find an ideal spot to relax and have fun in.

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San Andres | Central America

San Andres Island, with its history of pirates, slaves and missionaries, is in the Caribbean Sea, about 480 miles off the coast of Colombia. Its population is made up of many different races and cultures. Islanders speak Spanish, English and Creole. San Andres has a lush countryside full of trees, flowers and fruits. The eastern side of the island is made up of colourful coral formations that provide excellent snorkelling in its shallow waters.

Downtown San Andrés is known as North End. Here you will find the business and shopping zones and the main beach, known as Sprat Bight, with its white coral sand and crystal clear water. Johnny Cay is right in front of this beach. The majority of the restaurants are also found in this area. San Andres is surrounded by a reef complex, formed with reefs and lagoons, including a variety of hard corals and sponges that make a lot of experts and want to investigate and know more about this reserve.

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