Travel Insurance Protection for Canadians

In a world where anything can happen, travel insurance helps you travel with peace of mind. We now offer a variety of travel insurance products from the leading provider of travel insurance and emergency assistance services in Canada.

Whether you are traveling abroad for pleasure or business you need travel insurance that responds to your special needs. A health or medical emergency may require an evacuation, a sudden illness might require immediate attention by a qualified doctor, or your luggage with personal items may be lost.

In order to protect your trip and travel with peace of mind, Travel Last Minute Inc. strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Refer to packages and plans below for which one best suits your needs...

Deluxe Travel Insurance Package
This insurance provides Emergency Medical, Cancellation & Interruption (or Interruption only if you have selected the 'no cancellation' option coverage), Flight Accident, Travel Accident, and Baggage & Personal Effects.

Classic Medical Insurance Plan
This insurance provides unlimited coverage of the eligible emergency medical expenses that you incur while away from your home province/territory, and that exceed the benefits provided by government health insurance and private coverage.

Travel Within Canada Package
This insurance provides Cancellation & Interruption, Flight Accident, Travel Accident, Baggage & Personal Effects and Emergency Medical. It also offers extra protection just in case your luggage is delayed and emergency medical insurance for an infant travelling with you.

Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Plan
Designed to protect your travel investment, this insurance protects you from the costs that arise when sickness, injury or another unexpected situation disrupts your travel plans.

Why is travel insurance essential?

Reality sometimes has a way of working itself into even the best-planned trips. That's why travel insurance protection is essential when you book a vacation or a business trip. We can help ensure the right professional assistance is available to you and your loved ones when you need it, while also protecting your travel investment.

Why is medical coverage essential?

Did you know that when travelling abroad, the government health insurance plan only covers a fraction of medical costs?

Why is Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Essential?

Because the unexpected can happen. From a jury duty call to the death of a friend, this coverage protects you against over 40 specified risks that could stop you from travelling as planned. The right coverage will ensure that you get back the covered travel costs that would otherwise not be refundable to you. And, if you have to return home early or stay longer because of a covered emergency, your extra expenses will also be covered as per your policy.

Some Key-Questions to ask Yourself

If you think you're ready for your trip and are not sure or are still not convinced you need travel insurance, ask yourself these critical questions:

Could you lose any money if you had to cancel your trip?

  1. How much would you lose?

  2. Could you get your money back if you had to interrupt your trip?

  3. How much would you have to pay for a last - minute one-way economy airfare home?

  4. If you had to stay at your destination longer than you're supposed to, would your extra hotel and meal expenses be reimbursed?

  5. How much would you have to pay?

  6. Could you manage at your destination without some of the content of your luggage for more than half a day if it was delayed?

  7. How much would you have to pay for toiletries and other necessities?

  8. If you became ill or injured, would your emergency medical expenses be covered?

  9. How much would a family member or friend have to pay to come to your bedside if you were hospitalized for several days?

  10. In an emergency, would you have to pay up front for your covered medical expenses?

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